Catechesis & Teaching

Introduction to Holy Orthodoxy: Faith & Life

A basic course of instruction in the faith, life and
traditions of Holy Orthodoxy for catechumens, inquirers and those Orthodox who wish to refresh and deepen their faith. Sessions will be held approximately fortnightly in
St Martin’s Church, commencing at 12:30pm, following Holy Liturgy (see below for dates).
Please bring some lunch if you wish; sessions will be
approximately an hour and a half in duration, including time for
questions and discussion.

This course aims to provide a
basic introduction to the Orthodox
Faith; our beliefs and way of life.
As we move through each topic we
will discuss how the individual
encounters our rich and ancient
faith and may find their true life in
Christ within the timeless faith and
practice of the Orthodox Church.
The course is suitable for anybody
who wishes to become Orthodox
or for those who are already
Orthodox and wish to learn more
about and deepen their faith

Introductory Session: A new course will start on Sunday February 11 2024, in St Martin’s Church at 12:30 after the Divine Liturgy. The introductory session will aim to provide an overview of the course and give inquirers an opportunity to ask questions. All are welcome.

The course will run for several months, allowing for contingencies, and will explore the following themes:

  1. Orthodox Christianity & other religions
  2. The Holy Trinity
  3. The Symbol of Faith (The Nicene Creed)
  4. The Creation, the Fall and its Consequences
  5. the Incarnation & Mary, the Theotokos – Who is Christ?
  6. Salvation
  7. The Sacraments (Mysteries) of the Church (Part 1)
  8. The Sacraments (Mysteries) of the Church (Part 2)
  9. Icons and the Saints
  10. Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving
  11. (T)radition & (t)raditions
  12. Preparing for confession, Holy Baptism and Holy Chrismation

Please contact Father Mark for further details